• You are recovering from an injury.

  • You have a chronic condition that requires specialized knowledge.

  • You prefer a personalized program.

  • You want to work on the Pilates equipment.

  • You want better results from your group classes.

Katie will develop an effective course of action through movement based on your muscle recruitment patterns, pelvic/spine alignment, gait, symmetry, balance, posture, history, and lifestyle. She looks beyond just the presentation of your symptoms to find and address the root cause of the issue.

Katie is capable of modifying exercises on the spot based on how you perform in a particular movement. She knows that all types of movements are possible if modified effectively for your specific needs.

Katie will be able to effectively retrain muscle control, and functional movement to return you from a state of pain to comfortable and productive movement, and educates you on how to maintain these new patterns and enjoy an active life.

Katie possesses advanced level training including a comprehensive certification in the full contemporary mat and large apparatus repertoire, thorough education in anatomy and biomechanics, training in rehabilitative protocols, and experience working with a wide variety of conditions using the Pilates method.  



By appointment only

To book a one-on-one session, please call 519-362-7450 or email info@kineticpilates.ca

Rates are $80 for a one hour session 

*Please allow a 24 hour notice of cancellation


"Katie has a very detailed oriented approach to her treatment. She really listens to your needs and develops a program that is perfect for you."  -Megan O'Donnell RMT

'I was a beginner to Pilates when I met Katie. Her thoughtful instruction, diligent eye, and vast knowledge has helped me not only strengthen my body, but has made me more aware of the way I move and rest. This intention behind even the subtlest of movements has led me to have better posture, balance, mobility, and has helped me heal in places I needed to. I always look forward to our sessions - I leave feeling strong and calm.' -Devon Brock